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Le Voilà Banqueting | Catering and Banqueting Gourmet, is an Italian company that has been operating for over twenty years in the field of catering and banqueting for weddings, ceremonies and events, reserving to its clients - Institutions, Companies, Brands and Private clients - an absolute dedication and a passion without boundaries.

From Ceremonies to Business Meetings, from Weddings to Meetings, from Events to Unconventional Food, from Receptions to Refreshments, Le Voilà Banqueting is the safest choice.
Lunch, Tea Break, Brunch, Open Bar, Cocktail, Gala Dinner and Opening Ceremony but also Corporate Event, Meeting, Graduation Party, Wedding, Finger Food, Party & Event Coordinating, Catering, Easy Buffet, Birthday, Coffee break, Kick-off Meeting, Anniversary, Baptism Party, Birthday, are the proposals for moments - small or big - must remain unforgettable over time. 
Exclusive and fascinating locations, frame the originality and quality of each meeting.

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From where do the proposals of gourmet cuisine start?

Le Voilà Banqueting has a Gourmet cuisine Center which is equipped to respond in a perfect way to any request of preparation and service of hot and cold foods and which can offer plates and pastry thanks to the constant and continuous control of the ingredients used to guarantee the quality of the entire production chain.
A commitment to always provide products and services that meet the needs and expectations of the customer, interpreting with style the fashions and trends of the Italian and international food and gastronomy market.
Gourmet cuisine that uses the riches and the products of the Mediterranean diet with ingredients that come from Italian and local companies that allow, when requested, to present proposals of organic catering at zero kilometer, biological, vegan and vegetarian menus.

Banqueting Gourmet

To design, create and coordinate a selected team of professionals and Event Managers to offer the most refined and appropriate menus to the concept of each individual event, are the strengths of Le Voilà Banqueting | Catering and Banqueting Gourmet: an experience of taste, aromas, visions and flavors and a service focused on the quality and the attention to detail makes every event original and extraordinary.

Unconventional Food

Unconventional catering service and banqueting, for unconventional fooding solutions that evolve in the representation and theatricalization of the event: experiences that come from the location become new sensations. Le Voilà Banqueting interprets and develops new Food Concepts, giving space to innovation and creativity and trying to give new forms of personalized Catering and Banqueting activities, characterized by quality and style, attention to the detail and proposals that anticipate trends.
Taste, smell, sight come together to create harmonies and emotions that tend to beautiful. A moment when creativity makes the difference compared to a simple execution. Colours, perfumes, games of lines and shapes that communicate uniqueness, exclusivity for a new cuisine.

Luxury Location

To create unforgettable events Le Voilà Banqueting collaborates with prestigious luxurious locations able to accommodate any event: a successful convention, a meeting without comparisons, weddings that leave you breathless and unforgettable anniversaries.
For those who want to feel a part of the history, creating a unique and unrepeatable event, Le Voilà Banqueting offers exclusive luxurious locations that bring to life the splendor of an enchanted Rome, allowing you to discover the culture and history of the Capital of the World. Splendid historic houses, villas, historic residences, institutional buildings that personalize events with great originality.

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Many Brands, Companies – national and international - the Institutions, the Private clients that have chosen Le Voilà Banqueting to organize their events or ceremonies. 
Here are some of them: 
Vaticano state (Pontifical Councils, Basilicas, Ecclesiastical Colleges )
Louis Vuitton - Moët Hennessy - Lvmh Group
Gianni Bulgari
Unicredit Bank
European Parliament – Rome
Higher Institute of Health
European Council - Venice Commission
CNR - National Research Council
Estée Lauder Sephorà
Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Embassies accredited to the Italian State and Santa Sede

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